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Working while traveling

As a music producer you travel a lot. Even on vacation you have always work with you. This article shows you how to be productive while travelling.


A good planning is a very important part of working successfull during vacation or business travelling. To get the best out of it you should plan your travel accurately. Important is to plan your working ours and also your time for yourself and the people you are travelling with. Check wether your accommodation provides wi-fi and where you can work. Maybe there is a desk in your room or you can work in the lobby of the hotel. Also how to get to your destination is a part to consider. If you go by train or plane you have the opportunity to work. If you take the car this will be a lot harder. If you are forced to work offline, download the documents which you need for your work. Not only the planning of the accommodation is important, even the fact that you have planned your trip, and having an idea what to do on which day, reduces stress and the amount of wasted time. But be careful there should be always time for unplanned actions.


While travelling you won’t have your whole studio with you. Because of this you should think about tasks which you can do while travelling. For example you can clear your list of unanswered mails or do some acquire work. Also working on music projects, concepts and songtexts is possible. Don’t forget to bring your headphones for optimized working and avoiding to disturb others.

Set Goals

To be productive while working on travels you should set realistic goals. You should set goals for every day. If you have completed your goal for today, you can enjoy the rest of the day without thinking on work all the time. To avoid stress and get more recreation do the work first.


Your colleagues you are travelling with get up at 12 every day and you earlier? Use the time and get work done before anyone awakes. Use the morning time for work and then have fun with your friends. Most people are a lot more efficient in the morning then in the evening. This also gives you a good feeling to have worked in the morning. Try it!


When you buy new equipment think about how is the mobility of your new device? Can you use it while travelling? Good headphones are significant during your trip. Also think on electricity adapters when you go to other countrys. Also consider buying a local SIM-Card for mobile Internet, most times this is a lot cheaper then using your internet provider.