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What is musicstep?

Musicstep is a community where artists create and receive feedback on their music. When a track receives high scores, it can be sent to labels, A&R’s, playlist curators and other Pros. Thus, artists have the chance to get new contacts into the music industry and to move on with their music career.

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What is Rocket My Track?

Rocket My Track is a self promotion feature which allows to submit a track directly to Pros like labels, A&R’s and others. Musicstep makes sure, that the submitter receives a guaranteed response.

Why is Rocket My Track unlocked for my track?

If you can not use Rocket My Track, you have either not received enough feedbacks yet or your score is too low. The platform and search algorithms will present your track to other users automatically, so you do not have to worry about getting not enough feedbacks.

How do I get feedback?

Once you have published your track to Rocket My Track, you’ll get feedback from other users. When participate a contest, you can share your track to receive feedback.