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REVIEW: Dessie Magee takes you on a deep & emotional ride with his new EP – RESTRAIN.

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For fans of: Bon Iver, Fatherson, Ben Howard, Lonely The Brave.

It’s not very often you find a new singer songwriter that is doing something different and doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter mould that a lot of similar artists in the genre fall into. Brighton based Dessie Magee, originating from Belfast, is a true breath of fresh air. His voice is unique, his songwriting is passionate, the melodies are infectious and that’s just the beginning. 

The Restrain EP is a journey, you need to listen to it in track order and not skip through. It’s the perfect EP for pouring a glass of wine, dimming the lights and immersing yourself in the rollercoaster of Magee’s lyrics and emotions. Each track holds it’s own, but Life Design is our one-to-watch. The track touches on a time in Dessie’s life when he needed to motivate himself to keep going despite feeling lost in a sea of talented artists while touring in the United States 4 years ago. 

“I felt very overwhelmed by the talent I saw in the States, so many amazing artists all struggling to get their names out there or even get by. I was struggling to feel positive or confident in my career path. I had to give myself a little pep talk and remind myself to just make the most of each moment and enjoy the fact that I was alive and healthy and capable of being out on the road by myself playing music.”

Dessie Magee.

It’s a track, and indeed a whole EP, that feels like it’s been made to feature on the next big ‘coming of age’ movie or Netflix series. We’d be very surprised if Dessie doesn’t get snapped up for a sync/publishing deal by the end of 2021. There’s no doubt that the record labels will soon follow. 

The full EP is available for free right now, just sign up to his mailing list on his official website:

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