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INTRODUCING: Fonzy and Company

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Bringing a solid mix of indie, alt-rock and Americana, Bristol (UK) based Fonzy & Company are about to release their second EP and we had the pleasure of having a chat with the main man himself! Check it out below and find out where the name comes from and who they would put on their dream Glastonbury line-up! Introducing: Fonzy & Company…

Let’s start with the band name, tell us everything we need to know…

“So, ‘Fonzie’ was a character from the American sitcom ‘Happy Days‘. ‘The Company’ are four of the best friends and band mates a guy could have.”

…and why are you called Fonzy?

“Fonzy is an adaptation and nick name I had in my teen years, wearing leather jackets, shades and slicked back black hair. My mum used to get called Fonzy as a kid, but not for the same reason I think.” 

Who are your influences? Where do you get your sound from?

“A lot of bands will claim variance in their influences, but it’s 100% accurate that ‘F&C’ have the most varied music taste a group of 5 could have. Metal, Pop, Hardcore, Synthwave, Ska, Classic Rock, Swing, Punk and good ole fashion rock help mould the band and maintain a fresh take to each song written. Take members of Green Day, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, The Cranberries, Ash and Pixies and you will have only a minority of our sound.” 

What’s the best thing about Fonzy & Company?

“The fact we have been friends for years before starting this band makes our bond live and in our records authentic and meaningful. Our approach to writing means there is something for everyone.” 

What’s your favourite song right now?

“Old-skool Aerosmith from the ‘Gems’ album, the track ‘Nobodies Fault’. A lot of classic rock has gone into the influence of this next record and listening to 70’s / 80s classic Rock has helped that.”

How have you coped as a band during the covid-19 pandemic?

“Having this time to step back and take a proper look at ourselves and plan what we want to do has been a massive help. Sometimes just running into things too fast can cloud your judgement and this time to get our priorities in perspective has been helpful. Though Liv our singer has had to shield for longer than most so that’s been very sad.”

Scenario: You’re curating the main stage line up for Glastonbury Festival, who’s playing?

“For one, all ticket holders must prove they have bought an album from at least one of the acts playing to stop those kids going just to sit in the field for a weekend and see one band while the rest of us click refresh constantly on the day of sale. Between us we would probably have, Tame Impala, Lamb Of God, Lady Gaga, David Bowie (we’ll take him to Pet Cemetery to make that happen) and No Doubt.

Random Question: If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

“Whilst we are all Cat lovers, surely it’s Cats right?”

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