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INTERVIEW: gürl talk podcasting & why it’s important

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Podcasting and music…you would think they go hand in hand, but there is a noticeable lack of actual musicians using podcasts for the wonderful marketing tools they can be. Just think, you have the ability to create brand new content by sitting down and having a chat with your band mates. It takes very little editing and can be released the same day…has the lightbulb moment happened yet? If not, read on. I set up an interview with Josh, frontman of UK based neo-soul band Gürl, to talk about the importance of podcasting and why more bands should embrace it. 

What made you want to start podcasting?

“I’ve been into podcasts for a while. It’s funny, content seems to be being produced and consumed in two extremes at the moment. One being your TikToks, highly edited and designed to get as much of an emotional reaction from you as possible – you know, your ‘DESTROYS Snowflake’ sorts of videos. The other are these really long form types of media where subtlety, nuance, context and intention really matter. This would be everything from huge franchise films, for instance, not being able to understand the latest Marvel film if you haven’t watched the 5000 hours of content that came before it, to gold standard TV like Breaking Bad (where every episode is like an hour), and podcasts. It’s really encouraging to see a trend of people actively committing more of their attention to an art form.

What equipment do you use? Did you need to buy anything?

“Some people have really professional set ups. The more you invest the better quality the audio will be, but the average mic on a pair of Apple headphones (winks to the camera in an effort to ensure endorsement) is good enough for people to hear you clearly. For us though, we do everything on Zoom feeding through to a Facebook Live (winks to camera for further endorsements). This is so we can involve our audience in the podcast in real time, kind of like a live radio show.”

gürl live at Factory Studios

What do you talk about? What’s the content?

“We try to keep it to music; inviting on guests such as fellow musicians, photographers, people that work at record labels, radio show presenters, tour managers, you name it! – But all music-centric. Each episode has a topic, like how to get your music onto Spotify Editorial Playlists, developing your brand, keeping motivated during lockdown and so on. That being said, with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment current affairs often seep in. Not that we have many hot takes, it’s a lot of just staring into the void when it comes to talking about the apocalypse and the neon-headed buffoon that’s dragging the country through it.”

Where/how do you upload your podcast?

“Everything goes up on Facebook in real time via Zoom, though the more traditional way of doing it would be through Spotify or iTunes, but you know, we’re Mavericks.” *Danger Zone plays*

Have you found it successful? Do your fans like it? Have you made more fans?

“It’s more important than ever for bands to have a firm grasp on social media; how it works, what to do and what not to do. Currently, Facebook loves live streams. Every time the podcast goes up every one of our fans will get a notification – you can’t buy organic reach like that. We’ve been overjoyed with the response it’s garnered, having fans that we met over a year ago at a show miles away chime in with their memories of the night or commenting on the topic. This is a dialogue we’d be missing out on had it not been for the podcast. For any band that does this, my advice would be to engage with everyone that’s made the effort to get involved, take care of your fans.”

Why should other artists and bands be podcasting?

“Besides the tremendous, free, organic reach, at the very least it’s a weekly (or however long) reminder to your audience that you still exist. It’s quick, cheap, easy content to produce and it’s fun. Just make sure you’re saying something, and that you have guests with opinions they’re not afraid to share. It’s tough because everyone is ‘representing their brand’ and doesn’t want to get cancelled, but for the love of God we’re passionate artists, we’re storytellers by trade! So take some of those crazy moments on tour and share them with a crowd that doesn’t get to see that side of you.”

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