Rocket My Track

Learn how to submit music to labels, publishers and other music industry Pros by using the free self promotion feature Rocket My Track.

By using musicstep, you are able to directly submit a track to numerous receivers like labels, publishers, A&R’s and other Pros via the feature Rocket My Track. The responses from the Pros include feedback on your music and if the Pros want to get in touch with you (listen to more songs, collaboration etc.). Musicstep ensures that you receive an answer.

How to start

Start by adding one of your tracks to Rocket My Track. Go to your demos page and click “Add to Rocket my Track”.

If you have not created feedback on music from other users yet, you are asked to do so. This way, all users can receive feedback on their music.

After you have added a track to Rocket My Track, you can navigate to the Rocket My Track view by clicking on the rocket icon at the top navigation (bottom on mobile).

Rocket My Track

To submit one of your tracks to a Pro, select a receiver and click “submit”.

To submit a track successfully, it has to have a certain score (learn more about the feedback on musicstep). This mechanism makes sure, the Pros don’t get drowned in the flood of music and are able to listen to the music and respond to the submissions.

Start now. Get new insights and build a valuable network!