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Feedback on music what matters

Feedback on music is important for artists. With feedback, room for improvements can be identified, thus better music can be produced. But in order to make a use out of feedback, it has to be structured and comparable. Here comes the feedback system by musicstep into play.

With musicstep artists receive structured and comparable feedback from the musicstep community on each of their tracks. Every feedback consists of certain criteria like melody, vocal performance (if vocals are existing), production, arrangement and more.

Single feedback by Belair on the track “Cobain”

By combining all feedbacks a track received, the artist can easily spot room for improvements, weaknesses and strengths. So the feedbacks can help the artist to become better in producing music.

All feedbacks of a track combined. The overview can be found in the track view.

Meaningful and spam filtered

The system behind musicstep makes sure an artist receives the right amount of feedback, so the evaluation of the feedbacks is meaningful. The amount various from 8 up to 12 feedbacks per each track.

To make sure the feedbacks are real and honest, a spam detection was introduced in 2020. The spam detection analyzes every feedback. The metrics the spam detection uses are the listening time of the feedback creator, the overall behavior of the feedback creator, the level of criticism and other criteria.

Feedback creation. The feedback creator has a high reputation.


The feedback system by musicstep helps artists to produce better music by finding their potential, weaknesses and strengths. The system behind musicstep makes sure an artist get the right amount of feedbacks, so the results are meaningful. Besides that, a spam detection ensures, that the feedbacks are honest and real.

Try it out. It’s free! Checkout the app