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Anti-pop band gürl are back with raging new track DOLORES

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We have been given the privilege of bringing you the brand new visualiser video for DOLORES, the brand new single from Bristol (UK) based band gürl. Check out the video below and our interview with Josh and Jonny from the band…

Hey gürl, hey! We are sure glad to have you here…tell us about your new single, DOLORES. Whats the vibe? Where did you record it? Give us the lowdown. 

Josh: Hey hey, thanks for having us! The vibe is fat, this song slaps so hard. It’s very groove based, with a gospel-inspired chorus, but it’s super heavy. 

Jonny: We recorded it remotely in lockdown in our homes. We are currently working on long FaceTime calls while I record all the instruments and then send sections to Josh so he can vet them. He then sends me his vocal tracks and we build up the track that way.

…and who is DOLORES?

Josh: I kind of imagine her as a witch that lived in the old west. She’s a siren who’s both feared and respected by her neighbours.

The visualiser is a thing of beauty. Where did the idea come from? 

Josh: Thank you! Well, we wanted to infer some of the lyrical content by creating something otherworldly. It was originally just going to have Tiff’s (our friend who modelled for the visualiser) eyes flash along to the music, but we totally lucked out and our photographer and long-term visual collaborator Sam managed to get hold of a beautiful classic car which gave a real cinematic look to the shoot. 

The pandemic has caused a lot of problem for the music industry, how did you find 2020? Is 2021 looking better for gürl? 

Josh: 2020 was surprisingly our most prosperous year to date haha. Our manager found us in 2020, we worked with some incredible producers in 2020, and released one of our best songs and music videos that year too. 2021 will see us more prolific, while sharing our edgier, more-modern sound with our audience. We’re just going harder, ya know?

How has it been releasing music without being able to perform it live? 

Jonny: Torturous. Live music is where I live and it’s now been gone so long that I struggle to remember what it feels like. It’s like when a relative passes away and one day you have that painful realisation that you can’t remember what they look like. Please come back soon gigs! 

What’s next in the pipeline for gürl? Any secrets you can spill? 

Jonny: The best music you’ve never heard. You don’t even know what’s coming baby. Plus if you’re all very lucky I might start modelling a line of underwear or something.

Josh: The music will be like trap producers using really low guitars. Which is dope and not at all like Limp Bizkit. 

Secrets? Sure, aliens are definitely real. I mean, I don’t mean to go all Blink-182/Hillary Clinton on you, I’m just saying that Joe Rogan podcast with Bob Lazar is worth a listen. *shifty eyes

Random Question: You’ve Been Given An Elephant. You Can’t Get Rid Of It. What Would You Do With It?

Jonny: Become best friends with it. Sell my car and go on a road trip with it. Ride it onto the stage playing a guitar solo when we are finally able to play a gig again. The possibilities are endless. When does it arrive?

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